Oboe Player tomoca

tomoca is unique musician who playing oboe for many field of music, she has been playing oboe with other artists, live house also she release her own albums CD " Aqui" and " Lotus" and new album " Prunama" just release June 5th '13.


tomoca's studio open in Bali

End of December '12, her studio finished and Bali style exterior and modern interior studio took three month to build, when she is in Bali, she practice oboe, making reed, composing song here.

Day of Saraswati which is goddess of hindu art and knowledge, she had ceremony for opening for blessing new studio, bali style ceremony and village people made offering and pray for good luck.

Priest of Sayan village where her studio located pray and blessing new space for good. she wear balinese traditional outfit for ceremony and inviting god in studio.

At the night had opening party and play with other musicians.

many people came for congratulate her new studio and listening her play.

It was wonderful night for her and many people were enjoy her play and party.

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