Oboe Player tomoca

tomoca is unique musician who playing oboe for many field of music, she has been playing oboe with other artists, live house also she release her own albums CD " Aqui" and " Lotus" and new album " Prunama" just release June 5th '13.


Live at AngKasa Cafe Ubud Bali / August 20th 2011

tomoca'a live at AngKasa

tomoca: Oboe
Koko: Guitar
Afif: Percussion
Thanks to Kotetsu san

It was so nice to play at Ubud Bali where I love, we had wonderful time and glad to play with musician in Bali Island.

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  1. It was great live in Ubud, and at home place and black out for while but they are keep on playing for 2 minutes, tomoca is good player.